Why Mediate?

Mediation is a structured, consensual process in which an impartial person with special training, practical experience and appropriate personal qualities and skills, assists two or more parties to agree on a compromise each can live with that settles a dispute between them.

Mediators do not make judgments or determine outcomes - they help to uncover underlying problems and interests, assist the parties to understand the issues and help them to develop and clarify options for resolving their dispute. Mediation is confidential, informal and flexible. It empowers the parties. It costs far less than litigation and has been shown to be effective in the great majority of cases.

Mediation is always facilitative. A mediator with relevant expertise can also play an evaluative role if the parties request that.

Relevant CV

BA, LLB cum laude (Rand) MA (Oxon)
Rhodes Scholar, Anglo American Scholar
Society of Advocates Prize (equivalent to University Medallist in Law)

National accreditation as a mediator
Accredited as arbitrator by NSW Bar Association
Formal and refresher training in mediation and arbitration practice and ethics
Appointed since 1994 to NSW Supreme Court and District Court Lists of Mediators
Occasional contributions as presenter in mediation training and as mentor

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Wide general practice including appellate, administrative law, alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, neutral evaluation), aviation law, commercial and company law, computer/software disputes, construction disputes, contracts, equity, family and partnership disputes, insurance, medical and other professional negligence, trusts, telecommunications, media, trade practices, competition law

17+ years practice and experience as trained mediator

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